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Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonial we love to share with you

  • I love your shoes!  They are so beautiful put them out on display and sold all but one in a weekend.  Ordering more today... The girls and their moms were excited we kept hearing how trendy, beautiful these shoes are and very well made but this does not surprise me.  Dream Big,  you guys kick ass in everything you design!  Patti Adrianni
  • My holiday sales were awesome regarding your doll clothes. The moms and young girls were so excited over the Arianna brand clothes that I set up in my store.   We were ask repeatedly what are we bringing in new from the Arianna brand.   I carry other doll clothes brand but me and my staff have never received such positive reaction from any other doll clothes brand.  It’s obvious your clothes are so beautiful and very well made. Your designs are original and creative. Your prices are great! Looking forward to meeting you guys in person at the Toy fair. Ellen Spegiel


  • ·As a new customer I was weary because all these doll clothes companies claim best quality and great prices only to be disappointed upon arrival BUT when I received the Arianna doll clothing I was in awe! Your clothing are amazing, the quality is spot on and the prices are friendly. Finally, I found a doll clothing manufacture that not only claims great quality and prices but is honest and provides great quality and prices. My customers have been very happy with the Arianna line we offer in our store and my sales have increase in the doll clothing section. My customers and I both share how much we love the unique designs and quality. I am not one to write a feedback but this time I believe it was necessary. Thank you and continue success! Ariel Rosen


  • I am not one to write to companies but I just had to make this one exception. We received our first order last month and were thrilled with the beautiful clothing! We have been receiving so many positive compliments from our customers on Arianna clothing line. Our sales have increase in the doll section. What a difference from other doll clothing wholesalers out there. They do not meet anywhere near Arianna's doll clothing line. Not only are your doll clothing beautiful and trendy but the quality and details are amazing! I am placing my third order today and look forward to a long lasting business relationship. Cannot wait to see your next line! Lulu Goldman


  • I just wanted to write to tell you how impressed I am with your business. I placed my first order on Friday and today in the mail I received a box of beautiful, well-made and perfectly packaged doll clothing. Not only was my experience hassle free…. The shipping was lighting fast. It’s not easy to find the type of customer service you provide and I just wanted to say, “Job Well Done!!” I will be back for sure and my new boutique is all the better for having your products! Thank you so much! Sincerely, Lori Caron


  • After placing my FIRST order with Dream Big, I need to take a minute from the busy doll clothes business to Thank You and tell you how thrilled I am with the doll clothes I ordered! Everything is INCREDIBLE that I ordered! The quality, workmanship and weight of the materials that are used to manufacture your clothes is above and beyond what I have ever seen...equal to, even greater than Authentic American Girl Doll line! Upon receiving my order, I was very anxious to get the clothes into my shop to see how they would compete with existing merchandise that I have from industry leaders....well, the proof is in the sales....in the first week alone, the customers are having the same reaction and consequently the clothes are selling quickly....which means my next order will be coming shortly! As if this weren't great enough, add the fact that Ellaina (sp?) who handles phone business is an absolute ANGEL and couldn't be more helpful, enthusiastic, cheerful and KIND! I say this industry had better watch out for DREAM BIG!!!! The big guys could learn a lot from you and you all have the makings of something GREAT and up and coming! I am so proud and honored to offer your clothes to my customers.....I can't wait to see what's to come and most of all, I look forward to working together this year in achieving the most important goal,,,,Putting smiles on kids faces!!!!! VERY Sincerely, Susan Burtka


  • You guys are amazing! I have been struggling with the crap of doll clothes available in the industry. My sales have doubled since I brought your line into my store and my customers are thrilled with the quality, detail and your unique styles that are in demand. For the extraordinary quality your prices are so reasonable. I cannot wait to see your new line. Keep Dreaming Big! Cindy Wilson


  • Package arrived today. Clothes are absolutely fabulous! Am confident that I will need to place another order soon. Thank you, Marlene


  • I received an order from you before Christmas and have wanted to write you, but this is the soonest I was able. Your clothing is outstanding! The detail, accessories, fabrics...is just fabulous. Just thought you might like to hear how much you are appreciated! Thanks, Katy