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About Us

 Dream Big endeavor to be valued as an industry leader in manufacturing Outstanding boutique 18 inch doll clothes and shoes at affordable wholesale prices. Dream Big is a family owned business, founded in 2011 and inspired by their daughter Arianna. Arianna and Alina designs all of Arianna® and Ari and Friends™ boutique 18 inch doll clothing. Our doll clothing brand Arianna® offers exclusive copyright original designs of classic styles with a twist and colorful vogue designs inspired by Arianna and today’s fashionable trends.

 Ari and Friends™ Ari and Friends™ takes a modern twist of traditional 18 inch doll clothes that relates to girls of the 21st century.  Our collections are not only fashion forward but especially unique. 

 Our designs are heavily influenced by today’s youth which has motivated Dream Big to design these beautiful doll clothing collections.  Our creativity and individuality that fuel all of the positive feedback we receive from our focus groups, such as young girls, their mothers and Dream Big Customers.

We source fine quality fabric, and trim to incorporate with our original designs, our designs are detailed, colorful, meticulously constructed which creates beautiful and outstanding boutique doll clothing for years to cherish.  Our wholesale doll clothes uniqueness, excites our wholesale customers and assures them that they are bringing exclusive and quality boutique 18 inch doll clothing to their retail customers at competitive prices.

Arianna® and Ari and Friends™ boutique doll clothing designs are exclusive and copyrighted meaning protected by Federal copyright law.  Our unique designs at times have been emulated by others in dollar store fabrics, cheesy trims and lack of details and poorly constructed but rest assure you can always check for our woven logo label for authenticity.     

Arianna® and Ari and Friends™ boutique 18 inch doll clothing fits 18 inch dolls like American Girl®, Gotz®, Adora Friends®, Madame Alexander® - Favorite Friends®, Corolle®,Our Generation®, Journey Girls® and Springfield Collection®.

Arianna® offers a fresh collection of classic and vogue styles all at affordable prices without compromising quality.   Dream Big is committed to exceeding the expectation of our customers. We are interested in creating a long term win-win partnerships by providing top notch quality boutique 18 inch doll clothing at prices benefiting both Dream Big and our valued customers. We promise we will be at your service!

Arianna® Boutique 18 inch Doll Clothes

Boutique quality – She’s worth it!



Ari and Friend™  18 inch doll clothes that relates to girls of the 21st century.